Caps28 is specially designed to cater to the needs of a busy dental practice. Every feature makes the day-to-day task in a dental office/clinic simpler. Patient management, appointment scheduling, treatment planning, lab work or money management, Caps28 has everything. Explore the features further!

Dental office management or dental practice management includes set of practices, procedures and skills that stretch beyond clinical care.
Caps28 office management includes.
  • Office contact details.
  • Business hours management.
  • Dental chair management.
  • Office user managements & user rights.
  • Dental lab & work type management.
  • Procedure fee settings.

Big, busy practices with large number of patients find it difficult to manage patient's data. Caps28 makes patient management simple by easy-to-use search facility, inline display of patient latest visit, the latest procedure done, and balance information. All patient data is stored securely.
Following patient-related features are provided:
  • Patient's bio-data.
  • Patient's consent forms with signature
  • Medical examinations (General Assesment, Intra Oral, Extra Oral).
  • Medical alerts.
  • General Form filling.
  • Document management.
  • Radiographs (X-Rays).

A simple yet robust appointment schedular makes patient appointment scheduling very simple. It works by the office business hours and doctor's working hours, making scheduling not only efficient but error-free.
  • Easy scheduling just by clicking time slots.
  • Works as per business hours.
  • As per the provider's working hours.
  • Ability to add special working hours.
  • Appointment notification to the patient on mobile app.
  • Multiple state management like front desk, treatment progress, left, etc.

A comprehensive treatment planning system to plan, manage and review patient's treatment.
  • ICD-10 diagnostic codes.
  • ADA procedure codes.
  • Permanent & Deciduous charting.
  • Treatment plan management.

Easily manage patients lab work flow. Keep a tab on work that has been sent to the Dental Laboratory.Features also include:
  • Creating labwork.
  • Managing status like dispatched, received, etc.
  • Managing labwork payments.

One of the important features of Caps28 is the complete money management of the Office/Clinic. This includes management of treatment charges and other payments/expenses of the Office/Clinic.
  • Patient treatment charges management.
  • Account head management.
  • Account balances.