Dental Practice Management Software for Dental Clinic

Computing Assisted Practice Solutions (CAPS)

Dental practice management software, CAPS28 is a online web application just for a busy dental professional like you. It will streamline your daily workflow. Now you can concentrate on what you do best, (treat patients), while CAPS28 (pronounced 'caps-twenty-eight') does all the heavy work for you.

With CAPS28 patient information and charting is as simple as a click or a touch. Front office, appointment scheduling, patients, charting and management, back office that includes filing dental insurance claims, eligibility verification, rest assured we have this all covered, and much more.

Cloud based software for all your dental practice needs.

A dashboard that is compact but precise that gives your clinic at a glance. It is crafted for you to get all the important information right when you login. Flexible enough to let you add/edit features you require.

Comprehensive tooth charting, covering diagnostic (ICD10) as well as procedure codes (ADA). Complete insurance coverage management and claim filing (only for certain countries) and tracking of payments.

Patient management and appointments are FREE for a lifetime!


We bet that our appointment scheduler is the most innovative and easy appointment scheduling in dentistry, ever. Each appointment directly mapped to chair in your office.

Finance Module

Get hold of those missing information related to your finances. Take receipts and make payments all in one. Track and manage the insurance payments and patient's statements.

Tooth Charting

Comprehensive tooth charting, covering diagnostic (ICD10) as well as procedure codes (ADA). We use suggestive algorithms for procedure planning with respect to individual diagnosis.

Patient Contact

Keep in touch with your patients. Send important updates like appointment schedule, appointment reminders and other important updates through our specially designed mobile app for patients.


Mobile App

Caps28 comes with a state of the art mobile app for your patients, which can be download from android play store and apple store for respective devices. Patients can install this app on their mobile phone to get a complete insight of their treatment and appointments. The mobile app provide wide range of functionality for the patients ranging from appointment viewer to treatment viewer and payment tracker. It also serves as a communication between the office/clinic and patient.

Patient mobile app
Following facilities are available through mobile app:

  • Form submission
    The important forms which the clinic requires like the 'Medical History Form' or any other custom form can be filled on the mobile app.
  • Patient Consent
    Dentist can send a treatment consent to the patient through mobile app which the patient can sign and submit on the mobile app.
  • Document upload Request
    Documents required by the clinic can be uploaded by the patient by taking picture on the mobile phone.
  • Appointments
    All the appointment can be seen by the patients with the status. Also the appointment reminders are sent on the mobile app.
  • Treatment
    All the procedures done on the patient along with planned and progress treatments can be tracked.
  • Billing
    Billing module helps to track the balances and payments made to the clinic.
We launched the mobile app for providers/dentists on 1 Feb 2022. The same app can now be used by providers/dentists. You can login to your account and view your appointments across all clinics on mobile app now.


Computing Assisted Practice Solutions (CAPS28) online web application is a cloud based application which works on a subscription basis. There are 2 types of subscription Starter and Premium. All users by default have Starter subscription through which many features are free to use with no restrictions. Advanced features like treatment, management and accounts are available through Premium subscription.

All users registering before "31, July 2024" will get 1 month free premium subscription!
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Always Online

Access your clinic anywhere, on any device and at your convenience. Enter or edit clinical/procedure notes at your will.

ICD10 & ADA Codes

International Classification of Disease (ICD10) Diagnostic & American Dental Association (ADA) Procedure codes, makes the backbone of all dental procedures.

Back Office Support

A back office ready for your Revenue Cycle Management. Simple yet powerful.