Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive FAQ will help you to get answers to most of your common questions. In case these FAQ did not help you out or you have some specific queries, please click here to contact Caps28 support.

What is this software about?

CAPS28 is a practice/clinic management software for Dentist. It's an hosted (cloud based) web application to provide you access to your practice data from anywhere in the world.

Will I need to install this software?

NO. As this is a cloud based application, you will only need to register to make your account and start using it.

Is my data secure with you?

We use the latest security measures to keep the data safe. Secure socket layer(SSL), database encryption, identity encryption are some of the security measures we follow. Also we are HIPPA compliant.

Can I import details from my old practice management software to your software?

Yes, we support few import and export utilities to make this possible. It may be possible that your current software does not support export utilities. We can provide with online support to get this done for you.

Will I be able to send notifications to my patients through your software?

Yes, you will be able to send notifications to all your patients. We have a dedicated mobile app for Android and iPhone. Patients get many connectivity options through the app along with many other options like important updates on appointments, appointment reminders, bill payment, etc.

What ICD codes does your software use?

We are using the latest ICD10 diagnostic codes.

Is your software insurance ready, can I use it to manage my patients insurance claims?

Yes, we are insurance ready. Our software can be used to prepare all insurance claim data and help you file it with insurance companies. Since the insurance requirments are different in each country, this may vary country to country.